Portman Hart

Quality & Environmental Management Consultants

The real worth is working together to develop and define clear policies and best methods of operation that reduce and minimise error and provide an enhanced service for the Client.

You need to feel that you have a written office management system that reflects or suits the Practice, not something imposed or inflicted by Consultants!


Legal Aid

If you currently hold the Legal Services Commission Specialist Quality Mark (SQM), the work is to consider and implement the additional requirements called for by Lexcel.


Consultancy Services

The Portman Hart approach to addressing Lexcel requirements is to work closely and help develop and implement procedures and systems that internally work for the Practice - not just get a certificate…

We are sensitive to specific individual needs and committed to helping with the development of tailored management systems that are practicable and sensible. We’re keen to emphasise that this service does not consist of just providing “off the shelf” written procedures and Office Manuals.

Lexcel looks to implement a formal, structured approach to the management of all activities that influence the delivery of the service to the Client.

The work looks to define clear policy, responsibilities and best working practices to ensure effectiveness for both the Client and the Practice. Having systems to get it right first time and, when you do not, making sure you learn by your mistakes, is what an office management system is asking of the Practice.

We consider organisation, training, management control and how information is communicated. We review each discrete part of the Practice and assess your current working practices, procedures, policies and thinking against the Standard. We do not want there to be any feel we are imposing procedures from a “packaged” system developed to address a multitude of situations.