Portman Hart

Quality & Environmental Management Consultants

Most of our support is either,

· Help with the development and implementation through to successful accreditation, or

· Help with the maintenance of the accreditation and demonstrating business improvement - usually for a fixed price!

Total Quality Management

Consultancy Services

We consider quality improvement in two stages:

· The development and implementation of a Quality System, typically BS EN ISO 9001

· The development and implementation of the attitudes, beliefs and understanding necessary to effectively utilise the Quality System. We call this changing Management Style…….

When suitably formulated, a documented Quality System is a best attempt at developing definitive procedures or methods of operation. However, it is really just the "tools for the job." They do not get the job done unless they are understood and everybody works with clear, cohesive attitudes and beliefs, concerning what the System is, and is not, trying to achieve.

Genuine quality improvement cannot be effective without an associated development of the "concepts" underpinning the raising and utilisation of the System.

With quality improvement, both the personnel responsible for developing, and the users of, the System must maintain certain beliefs, values and attitudes to keep the System effective. We will not make any permanent change to working practices (staff behaviour) without associated change to beliefs and attitudes.