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BS EN ISO 9001 Certification provides a methodical and professional approach to management and administration that looks to reduce the risk of mistakes and wasted effort - systems that help get things right first time, saving cost and helping delegation.

Most of our support is either,

 Help with the development and implementation through to successful accreditation, or

 Help with the maintenance of the accreditation and demonstrating business improvement - usually for a fixed price!

BS EN ISO 9001

Consultancy Services

BS EN ISO 9001 is an international standard and really a guidance document to ensure you have policies and processes to fully agree what you are going to do and then to ensure you have the wherewithal to deliver the agreed requirements.

Certification is by an independent accredited Certification Body. They look for objective evidence of the implementation of polices and processes.

BS EN ISO 9001 has been used in many sectors of business and commerce. In some sectors, Certification has become a prerequisite for trading. It is appropriate for any organisation that offers products or services to a customer.

In some areas, the rapid uptake in Certification has been coupled with a lack of true understanding and Quality Systems have been implemented that do not work for their companies. Some senior managers see the management system as a bureaucratic, paperwork exercise. It should not be. The 2008 revision changed the emphasis from compliance and written procedure to process improvement.