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The skills and knowledge required for developing an Environmental Management System, such as BS EN ISO 14001 can be diverse. You need knowledge and familiarity with management systems (eg BS EN ISO 9000), legislation and regulatory requirements and general and specific knowledge of environmental issues.

Portman Hart offer assistance with the development of the complete Environmental Management System or, simply, only those discrete parts where you feel you might lack the full internal resource.

BS EN ISO 14001

Consultancy Services

It has become clear that environmental performance is criteria by which an organisation, its products and its services are being judged. All kinds of claims were being made. There has become the urgent need for standards against which environmental performance could be judged. The Environmental Standard, BS 7750, first published in 1992, and then replaced by the international standard BS EN ISO 14001, in 1996, were published to address this need.

The first step is usually an Environmental Review. From this, we can clarify policy and identify significant environmental aspects and impacts upon which the Environmental Management System (EMS) can be built. We must ensure compliance with legal or other requirements.

The project looks to set environmental polices, objectives and targets concerning the environmental impact of the activities of the business. These will vary according to the specific operations and business sector, but considerations generally include:

 Controlled and uncontrolled emissions

 Controlled and uncontrolled discharges

 Solid and other waste

 Land contamination

 Use of land, water, other resources and energy

 Noise, odour, dust, vibration and visual impact

 Effects on specific parts of the environment

 Legislative and regulatory requirements.


The product (eg, raw materials and their extraction, probity of suppliers, manufacture, use or consumption, disposal and packaging).